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Hillside Farm is constantly evolving to reflect the growing needs of our customers.  We began with beef and have slowly added sheep, chickens, and pigs. We have made the decision to currently focus on our sheep, but occasionally have other meats available.

Buy local and support your local farmers. 

Local, Pasture Raised Meats



Our beef, lamb, and pork comes in plastic cryo-wrap, USDA inspected, and is sold in convenient sized packages. 

Chickens are processed by a local, licensed facility.


Meats are offered as individual cuts in limited quantities or by custom bulk packages.  Packages can be as small as 10lbs or as large as a whole animal. 


Contact us for current pricing and availability.








The sheep are shorn once or twice a year by a highly experienced hand shearer. Many of the fleeces are then sent to a mill to be processed into roving or washed and picked.  


We offer raw fleeces or processed wool for handspinners, felters, or anyone interested in fibercrafts.

The Greenhouse



Every Spring the greenhouse is filled to maximum capacity with a large variety of flowers, vegetable, and herbs.  We offer the plants in 6-packs or 4-inch pots as well as patio tomatoes in large pots ready for your patio and hanging flowers that are perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, or just because.

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