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Hillside Farm, located in beautiful Barre, Massachusetts has been farmed by four generations. Each generation has left it's mark and taken the business in a slightly different direction while striving to constantly improve the farm.

Our 509 acre farm is devoted to raising beef cattle, sheep,  pigs and poultry.  Our greenhouse is filled with seedlings every Spring: vegetables, flowers, herbs and more!


The animals on the farm are all pasture raised, allowing them to graze throughout the Summer months, while we harvest hay from our fields to feed them during the winter. Our cattle is never grain finished and are always allowed to wander the pastures at will. Raising our animals in this way encourages a healthy living environment, especially when compared to those grown in feedlot situations.  


Our sheep and lambs are fed hay from our farm and supplemented with local, non-GMO corn.  We are able to offer registered breeding stock as well as commercial market lambs. 


Pork is available on a limited basis multiple times per year.  They are fed local grains, vegetables, and never any garbage.  Pork is available per pound or by custom bulk packages.  

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